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Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Semantics Namespace

Public classArgumentKind
Kinds of arguments.
Public classBinaryOperandsKind
Public classBinaryOperationKind
Kinds of binary operations.
Public classBranchKind
Public classCaseKind
Kinds of cases.
Public classConversionKind
Kinds of conversions.
Public classInstanceReferenceKind
Public classLoopKind
Kinds of loops.
Public classOperationExtensions
Public classOperationVisitor
Represents a IOperation visitor that visits only the single IOperation passed into its Visit method.
Public classOperationVisitorTArgument, TResult
Represents a IOperation visitor that visits only the single IOperation passed into its Visit method with an additional argument of the type specified by the TArgument parameter and produces a value of the type specified by the TResult parameter.
Public classOperationWalker
Represents a OperationVisitor that descends an entire IOperation tree visiting each IOperation and its child IOperation nodes in depth-first order.
Public classSimpleBinaryOperationKind
Public classSimpleUnaryOperationKind
Public classSyntheticLocalKind
Kinds of synthetic local references.
Public classUnaryAndBinaryOperationExtensions
Public classUnaryOperandKind
Public classUnaryOperationKind
Kinds of unary operations.
Public interfaceIAddressOfExpression
Represents an expression that creates a pointer value by taking the address of a reference.
Public interfaceIArgument
Represents an argument in a method invocation.
Public interfaceIArrayCreationExpression
Represents the creation of an array instance.
Public interfaceIArrayElementReferenceExpression
Represents a reference to an array element.
Public interfaceIArrayInitializer
Represents the initialization of an array instance.
Public interfaceIAssignmentExpression
Represents an assignment expression.
Public interfaceIAwaitExpression
Represents an await expression.
Public interfaceIBinaryOperatorExpression
Represents an operation with two operands that produces a result with the same type as at least one of the operands.
Public interfaceIBlockStatement
Represents a block scope.
Public interfaceIBranchStatement
Represents a C# goto, break, or continue statement, or a VB GoTo, Exit ***, or Continue *** statement
Public interfaceICaseClause
Represents a clause of a C# case or a VB Case.
Public interfaceICatchClause
Represents a C# catch or VB Catch clause.
Public interfaceICompoundAssignmentExpression
Represents an assignment expression that includes a binary operation.
Public interfaceIConditionalAccessExpression
Represents an expression that includes a ? or ?. conditional access instance expression.
Public interfaceIConditionalAccessInstanceExpression
Represents the value of a conditionally-accessed expression within an expression containing a conditional access.
Public interfaceIConditionalChoiceExpression
Represents a C# ?: or VB If expression.
Public interfaceIConversionExpression
Represents a conversion operation.
Public interfaceIDefaultValueExpression
Public interfaceIEmptyStatement
Reprsents an empty statement.
Public interfaceIEndStatement
Represents a VB End statemnt.
Public interfaceIEventAssignmentExpression
Represents a binding of an event.
Public interfaceIEventReferenceExpression
Represents a reference to an event.
Public interfaceIExpressionStatement
Represents a C# or VB statement that consists solely of an expression.
Public interfaceIFieldInitializer
Represents an initialization of a field.
Public interfaceIFieldReferenceExpression
Represents a reference to a field.
Public interfaceIFixedStatement
Represents a C# fixed staement.
Public interfaceIForEachLoopStatement
Represents a C# foreach statement or a VB For Each staement.
Public interfaceIForLoopStatement
Represents a C# for statement or a VB For statement.
Public interfaceIForWhileUntilLoopStatement
Represents a C# while, for, or do statement, or a VB While, For, or Do statement.
Public interfaceIHasArgumentsExpression
Public interfaceIHasOperatorMethodExpression
Represents a unary, binary, relational, or conversion operation that can use an operator method.
Public interfaceIIfStatement
Represents an if statement in C# or an If statement in VB.
Public interfaceIIncrementExpression
Represents an increment expression.
Public interfaceIIndexedPropertyReferenceExpression
Represents a reference to an indexed property.
Public interfaceIInstanceReferenceExpression
Represents a C# this or base expression, or a VB Me, MyClass, or MyBase expression.
Public interfaceIInvalidExpression
Public interfaceIInvalidStatement
Represents a syntactically or semantically invalid C# or VB statement.
Public interfaceIInvocationExpression
Represents a C# or VB method invocation.
Public interfaceIIsTypeExpression
Represents an expression that tests if a value is of a specific type.
Public interfaceILabelStatement
Represents a C# or VB label statement.
Public interfaceILambdaExpression
Represents a lambda expression.
Public interfaceILateBoundMemberReferenceExpression
Represents a late-bound reference to a member of a class or struct.
Public interfaceILiteralExpression
Represents a textual literal numeric, string, etc. expression.
Public interfaceILocalReferenceExpression
Represents a reference to a declared local variable.
Public interfaceILockStatement
Represents a C# lock or a VB SyncLock statement.
Public interfaceILoopStatement
Represents a C# while, for, foreach, or do statement, or a VB While, For, For Each, or Do statement.
Public interfaceIMemberReferenceExpression
Represents a reference to a member of a class, struct, or interface.
Public interfaceIMethodBindingExpression
Represents a reference to a method other than as the target of an invocation.
Public interfaceINullCoalescingExpression
Represents a null-coalescing expression.
Public interfaceIObjectCreationExpression
Represents a new/New expression.
Public interfaceIOmittedArgumentExpression
Represents an argument value that has been omitted in an invocation.
Public interfaceIParameterInitializer
Represents an initialization of a parameter at the point of declaration.
Public interfaceIParameterReferenceExpression
Represents a reference to a parameter.
Public interfaceIParenthesizedExpression
Represents a parenthesized expression.
Public interfaceIPlaceholderExpression
Represents a general placeholder when no more specific kind of placeholder is available. A placeholder is an expression whose meaning is inferred from context.
Public interfaceIPointerIndirectionReferenceExpression
Represents a reference through a pointer.
Public interfaceIPropertyInitializer
Represents an initialization of a property.
Public interfaceIPropertyReferenceExpression
Represents a reference to a property.
Public interfaceIRangeCaseClause
Represents Case x To y in VB.
Public interfaceIRelationalCaseClause
Represents Case Is op x in VB.
Public interfaceIReturnStatement
Represents a C# return or a VB Return statement.
Public interfaceISingleValueCaseClause
Represents case x in C# or Case x in VB.
Public interfaceISizeOfExpression
Represents a SizeOf expression.
Public interfaceIStopStatement
Represents a VB Stop statement.
Public interfaceISwitchCase
Represents a C# case or VB Case statement.
Public interfaceISwitchStatement
Represents a C# switch or VB Select Case statement.
Public interfaceISymbolInitializer
Represents an initializer for a field, property, or parameter.
Public interfaceISyntheticLocalReferenceExpression
Represents a reference to a local variable synthesized by language analysis.
Public interfaceIThrowStatement
Represents a C# throw or a VB Throw statement.
Public interfaceITryStatement
Represents a C# try or a VB Try statement.
Public interfaceITypeOfExpression
Represents a TypeOf expression.
Public interfaceITypeOperationExpression
Represents an expression operating on a type.
Public interfaceITypeParameterObjectCreationExpression
Public interfaceIUnaryOperatorExpression
Represents an operation with one operand.
Public interfaceIUnboundLambdaExpression
Public interfaceIUsingStatement
Represents a C# using or VB Using statement.
Public interfaceIVariableDeclaration
Represents a local variable declaration.
Public interfaceIVariableDeclarationStatement
Represents a local variable declaration statement.
Public interfaceIWhileUntilLoopStatement
Represents a C# while or do statement, or a VB While or Do statement.
Public interfaceIWithStatement
Represents a VB With statement.