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Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Completion Namespace

Public classCharacterSetModificationKind
The kind of character set modification.
Public classCharacterSetModificationRule
A rule that modifies a set of characters.
Public classCompletionChange
The change to be applied to the document when a CompletionItem is committed.
Public classCompletionContext
The context presented to a CompletionProvider when providing completions.
Public classCompletionDescription
The description of a CompletionItem.
Public classCompletionItem
One of many possible completions used to form the completion list presented to the user.
Public classCompletionItemRules
Rules for how the individual items are handled.
Public classCompletionItemSelectionBehavior
Public classCompletionList
The set of completions to present to the user.
Public classCompletionProvider
Implement a subtype of this class and export it to provide completions during typing in an editor.
Public classCompletionRules
Presentation and behavior rules for completion.
Public classCompletionService
A per language service for constructing context dependent list of completions that can be presented to a user during typing in an editor.
Public classCompletionServiceWithProviders
A subtype of CompletionService that aggregates completions from one or more CompletionProviders.
Public classCompletionTags
The set of well known tags used for the Tags property. These tags influence the presentation of items in the list.
Public classCompletionTrigger
The action that triggered completion to start.
Public classCompletionTriggerKind
The kind of action that triggered completion to start.
Public classEnterKeyRule
Determines whether the enter key is passed through to the editor after it has been used to commit a completion item.
Public classExportCompletionProviderAttribute
Use this attribute to export a CompletionProvider so that it will be found and used by the per language associated CompletionService.
Public classMatchPriority
An additional hint to the matching algorithm that can augment or override the existing text-based matching.
Public classSnippetsRule