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Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CodeActions Namespace

Public classApplyChangesOperation
A CodeActionOperation for applying solution changes to a workspace. GetOperationsAsync(CancellationToken) may return at most one ApplyChangesOperation. Hosts may provide custom handling for ApplyChangesOperations, but if a CodeAction requires custom host behavior not supported by a single ApplyChangesOperation, then instead:
    Public classCodeAction
    An action produced by a CodeFixProvider or a CodeRefactoringProvider.
    Public classCodeActionOperation
    Represents a single operation of a multi-operation code action.
    Public classCodeActionWithOptions
    A CodeAction that can vary with user specified options.
    Public classConflictAnnotation
    Apply this annotation to a SyntaxNode to indicate a conflict may exist that requires user understanding and acknowledgment before taking action.
    Public classDocumentNavigationOperation
    A CodeActionOperation for navigating to a specific position in a document. When GetOperationsAsync(CancellationToken) is called an implementation of CodeAction can return an instance of this operation along with the other operations they want to apply. For example, an implementation could generate a new Document in one CodeActionOperation and then have the host editor navigate to that Document using this operation.
    Public classOpenDocumentOperation
    A code action operation for requesting a document be opened in the host environment.
    Public classPreviewOperation
    Represents a preview operation for generating a custom user preview for the operation.
    Public classRenameAnnotation
    Apply this annotation to an appropriate SyntaxNode to request that it should be renamed by the user after the action.
    Public classWarningAnnotation
    Apply this annotation to a SyntaxNode to indicate that a warning message should be presented to the user.