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Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Text Namespace

Public classExtensions
Public classLinePosition
Immutable representation of a line number and position within a SourceText instance.
Public classLinePositionSpan
Immutable span represented by a pair of line number and index within the line.
Public classSourceHashAlgorithm
Specifies a hash algorithms used for hashing source files.
Public classSourceText
An abstraction of source text.
Public classSourceTextContainer
An object that contains an instance of an SourceText and raises events when its current instance changes.
Public classTextChange
Describes a single change when a particular span is replaced with a new text.
Public classTextChangeEventArgs
Represents state for a TextChanged event.
Public classTextChangeRange
Represents the change to a span of text.
Public classTextLine
Information about the character boundaries of a single line of text.
Public classTextLineCollection
Abstract base class for TextLine collections.
Public classTextLineCollectionEnumerator
Public classTextSpan
Immutable abstract representation of a span of text. For example, in an error diagnostic that reports a location, it could come from a parsed string, text from a tool editor buffer, etc.