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Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp Namespace

Public classAwaitExpressionInfo
Structure containing all semantic information about an await expression.
Public classConversion
Summarizes whether a conversion is allowed, and if so, which kind of conversion (and in some cases, the associated symbol).
Public classCSharpCommandLineArguments
The command line arguments to a C# CSharpCompiler.
Public classCSharpCommandLineParser
Public classCSharpCompilation
The compilation object is an immutable representation of a single invocation of the compiler. Although immutable, a compilation is also on-demand, and will realize and cache data as necessary. A compilation can produce a new compilation from existing compilation with the application of small deltas. In many cases, it is more efficient than creating a new compilation from scratch, as the new compilation can reuse information from the old compilation.
Public classCSharpCompilationOptions
Represents various options that affect compilation, such as whether to emit an executable or a library, whether to optimize generated code, and so on.
Public classCSharpDiagnosticFormatter
Public classCSharpExtensions
Public classCSharpFileSystemExtensions
Public classCSharpParseOptions
This class stores several source parsing related options and offers access to their values.
Public classCSharpScriptCompilationInfo
Public classCSharpSyntaxNode
Represents a non-terminal node in the syntax tree.
Public classCSharpSyntaxRewriter
Public classCSharpSyntaxTree
The parsed representation of a C# source document.
Public classCSharpSyntaxVisitor
Represents a CSharpSyntaxNode visitor that visits only the single CSharpSyntaxNode passed into its Visit method.
Public classCSharpSyntaxVisitorTResult
Represents a CSharpSyntaxNode visitor that visits only the single CSharpSyntaxNode passed into its Visit method and produces a value of the type specified by the TResult parameter.
Public classCSharpSyntaxWalker
Represents a CSharpSyntaxVisitor that descends an entire CSharpSyntaxNode graph visiting each CSharpSyntaxNode and its child SyntaxNodes and SyntaxTokens in depth-first order.
Public classForEachStatementInfo
Structure containing all semantic information about a for each statement.
Public classLanguageVersion
Specifies the language version.
Public classLanguageVersionFacts
Public classQueryClauseInfo
Semantic information associated with a query clause in a C# query expression.
Public classSymbolDisplay
Displays a symbol in the C# style.
Public classSyntaxExtensions
Public classSyntaxFactory
A class containing factory methods for constructing syntax nodes, tokens and trivia.
Public classSyntaxFacts
Defines a set of methods to determine how Unicode characters are treated by the C# compiler.
Public classSyntaxKind
Public classTypedConstantExtensions