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Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Emit Namespace

Public classDebugInformationFormat
Public classEditAndContinueMethodDebugInformation
Debugging information associated with the specified method that is emitted by the compiler to support Edit and Continue.
Public classEmitBaseline
Represents a module from a previous compilation. Used in Edit and Continue to emit the differences in a subsequent compilation.
Public classEmitDifferenceResult
Public classEmitOptions
Represents compilation emit options.
Public classEmitResult
The result of the Compilation.Emit method.
Public classInstrumentationKind
Specifies a kind of instrumentation to be applied in generated code.
Public classSemanticEdit
Describes a symbol edit between two compilations. For example, an addition of a method, an update of a method, removal of a type, etc.
Public classSemanticEditKind