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Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CodeFixes Namespace

Public classCodeFixContext
Context for code fixes provided by an CodeFixProvider.
Public classCodeFixProvider
Implement this type to provide fixes for source code problems. Remember to use ExportCodeFixProviderAttribute so the host environment can offer your fixes in a UI.
Public classExportCodeFixProviderAttribute
Use this attribute to declare a CodeFixProvider implementation so that it can be discovered by the host.
Public classFixAllContext
Context for "Fix all occurrences" code fixes provided by an FixAllProvider.
Public classFixAllContextDiagnosticProvider
Diagnostic provider to fetch document/project diagnostics to fix in a FixAllContext.
Public classFixAllProvider
Implement this abstract type to provide fix all/multiple occurrences code fixes for source code problems. Alternatively, you can use any of the well known fix all providers from WellKnownFixAllProviders.
Public classFixAllScope
Indicates scope for "Fix all occurrences" code fixes provided by each FixAllProvider.
Public classWellKnownFixAllProviders
Contains well known implementations of FixAllProvider.